The Philippines: Pigafetta's Story of Their Discovery by Magellan

The Philippines Pigafetta s Story of Their Discovery by Magellan None

  • Title: The Philippines: Pigafetta's Story of Their Discovery by Magellan
  • Author: Antonio Pigafetta
  • ISBN: 9780969036708
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Antonio Pigafetta Antonio Pigafetta Italian an t njo pi a fetta c c was a Venetian scholar and explorer He joined the expedition to the Spice Islands led by explorer Ferdinand Magellan under the flag of King Charles I of Spain and after Magellan s death in the Philippines, the subsequent voyage around the world.During the expedition, he served as Magellan s assistant and kept an Catholicism in the Philippines during the Spanish Passages in Pigafetta s account that touch on the introduction of Christianity in the Philippines point to a larger political context of inter group rivalries It seems that the implications of accepting Christianity had in part to do with forging alliances to gain advantage in this competitive environment. Essay Daily Talk About the Essay Antonio And along the way, new land, new peoples on the far side of the Pacific, the fleet had stumbled across the Marianas archipelago, and some three hundred leagues further west, the Philippines Pigafetta s journal became the basis for his travelogue, The First Voyage Around the World According to scholar Theodore Cachey Jr the A History of the Philippines Project Gutenberg The Philippines But the Philippines possess certain advantages which, in the course of some years, may tell strongly in her favor There are greater natural resources, a richer soil, and tillable ground The population, while not large, is increasing rapidly, rapidly, in fact, than the population of Japan or of Java And in the The Magellan Expedition SlideShare Discovered Philippines named it Archipelago of St Lazarus Introduced Christianity in the Philippines Magellan delCano Circumnavigation Route Preparation The Fleet September , a royal commission was sent, allowing Magellan to head the expedition The Spanish Armada de Molucca consisted of five ships with men Santiago under Juan Rodriguez Serrano San Limasawa, not Butuan, affirmed as site of first Mass Pigafetta s eyewitness account is the most detailed and only surviving account of the first Mass in the Philippines But there are different interpretations of his account on where it was held. Balangay Balangay, also spelled barangay, is a type of lashed lug boat built by joining planks edge to edge using pins, dowels, and fiber lashings They are found throughout the Philippines and were used largely as trading ships up until the colonial era The oldest known balangay are the Butuan boats, which have been carbon dated to AD and were recovered from several sites in Butuan, Agusan del Norte. Lapu Lapu , ang malayang ensiklopedya Si Lapu lapu aktibo noong ay isang Datu sa pulo ng Mactan sa Cebu, Pilipinas, na nakilala bilang pinakaunang katutubo ng kapuluan na lumaban sa mga taga Europa.Siya rin ang dahilan ng pagkamatay ng manlalakbay na si Fernando Magallanes Itinuturing siya bilang pinakaunang bayaning Pilipino Kilala rin siya sa mga pangalang ilapulapu, Si Lapu Lapu, Salip Pulaka, at Khalifa Lapu o How are the islander s way of life, cultural practices You can read a translated version of Pigafetta s journal here Antonio Pigafetta was a Venetian intellectual and scholar who accompanied Ferdinand Magellan s Filipino psychology concepts and methods Sikolohiya sa Pilipinas Psychology in the Philippines refers to a series of events related to the field of psychology in the Philippines e.g number of degree programs and journals, the amount of research conducted ang pinakamalaki o kabuuang anyo ng sikolohiya sa kontekstong Pilipino Sikolohiya ng mga Pilipino Psychology of Filipinos refers to any theories or knowledge of Filipino

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    The Philippines: Pigafetta's Story of Their Discovery by Magellan

    Antonio Pigafetta

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