The Dark Days Deceit

The Dark Days Deceit None

  • Title: The Dark Days Deceit
  • Author: Alison Goodman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    • ✓ The Dark Days Deceit ☆ Alison Goodman
      460 Alison Goodman
    The Dark Days Deceit

    Alison Goodman

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    One thought on “The Dark Days Deceit

    1. THIS IS CALLED THE DARK DAYS DECEIT and i just saw Sept 2018 so i ll be in my grave until then when will I GET SOME NEWS

    2. EDIT, January 21st, 2017 Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh This book is incredibly far away HOW can I wait, after that ending The Dark Days Pact Tell me it isn t soBook One The Dark Days Club was sooooooo good I need the sequel, and this one

    3. wHEN WILL i GET some NEWS I m really super excited for this book But how can I wait until 2018 I m waiting for a COVER OR A TITLE I need SOOOMMMMEEE NEWS AFTER THE ENDING

    4. Edit 2 10 18GUYS IT HAS A TITLE NOW And she s gave us a release month Alison hasn t updated her blog yet but you can go on her socials and see I will honestly buy LD3 the day it is released I will probably dedicate two days just to reading it Maybe 3 since it will be the longest and last of the series I am honestly so exicted and counting down the days until I can get this book A year away I guess it could be worse I honestly can t wait to get my hands on this book The ending to the second book [...]

    5. I need this book than anything else in the world right now

    6. OMG There is a title and I can t wait to see a cover

    7. Didn t Beau Brummell fall out of favor with the Prinny in real life Does this mean he might be the Grand Deceiver Also, we didn t see him at all in the second book, so was he off planning his rise of evil

    8. i neeeeed this book NOW Ahhh love this series x

    9. how do you expect me to wait till 2018 after that ending in the sequel HOWW

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